Smart Cooler Management

Manufacturers and retailers use comercial coolers to sell trillions of dollars worth of products at proper temperature.

SYOS revolutionizes the way companies manage their refrigerators, maximizing their performance.

Syos is the first end to end scalable solution for cooler management, combining IOT and Analytics tools to deliver timely and actionable insights to customers

For food, beverage companies and retailers with thousands of coolers, SYOS provide IOT ANALYTICS solutions to efficiently manage their asset without the cost of replacing them.

Food safety and quality control
Increase reliability
Customer behavior analysis
sensor for retrofitting coolers
Lower maintenance cost
Product loss prevention
Improved energy efficiency

Solution for:


Food, drinks, ice cream and frozen foods

Pharmacies and

Technical assistance networks

Syos app helps clients solve their
in-store issues quickly, avoiding losses

  • Install in minutes and monitor your refrigerators real time
  • Identify anomalies quickly and guide you to solve it
  • Using AI and machine learning, identifies real issues that demand action
  • Receive custom reports by email and become HACCP compliant
  • Access useful information in the app, web or dashboard, anywhere
Web and BI dashboard to manage cooler fleet operation

Web and BI dashboard to manage cooler fleet operation

TAG with sensors to collect data from legacy assets
Web and mobile platform to manage assets
Analytics platform to provide operational insights

Tag for retrofitting coolers

  • IP66: 4x6x2 cm | 20g
  • Bluetooth low energy 5.0
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Accelerometer and magnetometer for door-opening count / vibration
  • Storage, processing and sending data temperature; + max, min and average and counters
sensor for retrofitting coolers
Low cost
5 year battery
Temperature control
“Door Opening” Count
Predictive maintenance

Hundreds of millions of coolers can be retrofitted with SYOS technology


Beverage refrigeration
Transportation refrigeration
Display cases
Ice making machines


Food service
Food / beverage distribution
Food and beverage retail
Pharmacy refrigeration



Convenience store


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