Supermarket Temperature Control

GreenYellow Easytemp

RDC Resolution no. 216/2004 of ANVISA, establishes good practice procedures for food services and guaranteeing hygienic-sanitary conditions of food. Therefore, each type of food needs to be stored and exposed for sale at its proper temperature in supermarkets, avoiding the risks of contamination and, consequently, the stock outage.

With SYOS Easy solution installed in refrigerators, cold rooms and hot counters, it is possible to record the temperature information of each equipment with high precision. Data collection is performed through Bluetooth LoRa nodes and gateways, which transmit data to the cloud. Subsequently and for analytical purposes, the data are displayed on our web or mobile platform, where it is possible to view equipment information and configure alerts.


Real-time monitoring of food temperature
Parameterizable alerts for action
Food Waste Reduction
Coca-Cola Coolers